Asian Teen Meiko Askara Forced Deepthroat

There are some damn hot blowjob videos over at the Fellatious website, a small amateur porn studio with hot teen girls sucking dick. The latest release stars Meiko Askara, a sexy 18 year old girl who can deepthroat. This hot Asian teen POV blowjob has it all – sloppy blowjobs, facefuck, and my favorite part, forced deepthroat gagging on big cock. This one is definitely a keeper.

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10 May

Amateur Ebony Girl Gagging on White Cock

Now here’s one amateur deepthroat video that you will definitely enjoy. This young black slut gags and chokes in her effort to suck big white cock as deep as her throat can take it.

She struggles to take it all the way down her throat, but when he grabs her head and facefucks her, she’s forced to suck that cock balls deep. This cute ebony amateur porn girl is only 19 years old and this is her first deepthroat blowjob ever, and what a good teen POV throat fuck it is!

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26 March

Hot Young Blonde Throat Fuck

It’s not everyday when you meet a hot young blonde girl who will let you fuck her throat like this. This sexy teen is as beautiful as she is nasty, a perfect specimen of submissive teen babe that gets turned into a face fucked mess.

This hard, rough blowjob tests her gag reflex and her ability to take a big hard cock deep in her throat. She cries and gags until her eyes are bloodshot and dripping mascara down her face. Ah, I love seeing a hot young slut forced to take a brutal throatfuck.

hot young blonde throat fuck

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24 January

Gagging Slut Throat Fucked Hard

I love seeing a hot young slut receive her first hard throatfuck. This tight teen babe thought she could be a pornstar based on her sexy body alone. She soon learned that it takes a lot of hard work to make it famous in the XXX world. For instance, would she be able to take a full on pounding face fuck, her nose pinched while she’s gagging on big cock?

This submissive cocksucker better remember to breathe because this blowjob ain’t over until she’s forced to deepthroat like a good porn slut. Watch her mouth get a brutal probing as she finally learns the definition of THROAT FUCKING.

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14 January

Cute Teen Gagging Deepthroat Video with Addison Heart

Look at this cute teen gagging on a big cock as she tries her hardest to deepthroat. Addison Heart has that sweet girl next door look, but her mouth skills tell a different story. She may not look like a supermodel but his cute young girl sucks cock like she means business. He grabs her by the head and pushes her head down on his cock, and the forced gagging deepthroat blowjob causes Addison Heart to drool on the dick for a very nice wet sloppy blowjob. What good choking and slurping for this teen deepthroat cutie. Full download available at THROATED.

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27 March

Young Throat Fucked Blonde Forced to Deepthroat

This is for all you fans of that extreme hardcore throat fucking. This little innocent looking blonde teen is forced to deepthroat while gagging all over a hard cock. Sometimes you see these young sluts getting face fucked and feel sorry for them, but fuck that, you can tell by her smile she loves getting her throat pounded until tears fuck up her mascara. Emily is her name but who gives a shit, she’s just another cute dumb blonde teen girl who thinks being forced deepthroat until she gags is just another way to be rich and famous. Download the full scene from YOUNG THROATS.

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11 November